For over 25 years, Amico has been developing, building and managing award winning projects, with a commitment to: Quality, Honesty & Integrity. The overwhelming response we receive from our satisfied customers is a testament to the reputation we have built on personal service, high-quality workmanship and cost-effective construction solutions.

Amico is a family owned Canadian development and construction company that is recognized for meeting clients’ needs by developing an in-depth understanding of project objectives, generating innovative approaches, assembling a rounded team of experts, and putting in mechanisms to facilitate and support a client based approach to project management.


Environmentally responsible and resource-efficient construction practices are core principles of our business, guiding eveything we do from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition. Sustainable construction is not only ethical but practical. Reducing our overall environmental impacts offers immediate and long-term advantages to our clients and the community.


The phrase Adaptive Synergies speaks to our most valued attribute: our capacity to build strong, productive partnerships. It recognizes our culture of intellectual flexibility and our willingness to explore innovative approaches to problem solving. That heightened level of adaptiveness is central to everything we do. It is what is most important to us and, we believe, to the clients and organizations we partner with.

Fundamentals of Succesful Construction

Heavy Civil Construction

Our experience and cutting-edge technology allow us to successfully manage and execute projects of all scopes and scales, even those wuth budgets into the billions of dollars.

Vertical construction & developments

We are a tightly-integrated builder of corporate and institutional structures and residentials communities, both as general constructors and as lead development partners

Capable, Energetic innovators

Amico’s professional constructions team brings experience. knowledge and above all else, tightly focused energy to every project we undertake. We know how to get things done and how to build lasting, successful relationships.

Dedicated Collaborators

Our culture of collaboration and collegiality paves the way for exceptionally productive partnerships. This adaptability is the cornerstone of our relationships’ it drives the synergies that keep clients coming back.

Depth of experience

Amico has completed a broad spectrum of projects totalling over $3 billion. This experience, driven by our culture of innovation, make us a capable and dependable partner.

Vertical Integration

Because Amico is a full-service, vertically integrated builder, it brings enormous flexibility and agility to every project – delivering timely and highly responsive services